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3 common types of employment disputes

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Employment disputes are one of the more common types of legal disputes that come before lawyers and attorneys. With an increasing population and with reducing job opportunities employees work under intense pressure and they are often forced to work according to the instructions of their bosses and chief. This oftentimes results in exploitation.

Here are the most common types of employment disputes:

  1. Wage dispute: This is one of the most common types of issues or disputes that arise in the course of employment. Wage disputes are of many kinds and all these mostly seek to exploit the employees. The first kind is the denial of fixed wage to the employee. In many cases, it happens that the employers attract workers by offering handsome wages but at the time of payment they refuse to give the said amount and pay less. The second case is that the hours of work of employees are extended but they are not paid for that extra hour of work. This is a kind of employee exploitation that is very common. The third type of employment dispute includes a denial of timely payment. In this case, the employees are not paid on time this affects them and their family greatly.
  2. Harassment at the workplace: This is one of the cruelest types of exploitation that an employee faces at his or her workplace. This type of employment dispute is mainly related to females. Female employee and workers are harassed sexually or physically at their workplace. They are often forced to indulge in inhumane and degrading activities and in turn, are offered promotion or incentives. The head of the company holds power and they often exploit female employees. This raises a serious issue of human rights violation at the workplace.
  3. Unreasonable expulsion: This is another very exploitive kind of treatment given to employees at their workplace. In this case, the employee of a company is fired from his job without any just cause or reason. This affects them financially as well as physically. They don’t even get time to apply for the job at other places and lose their source of income. If you have also suffered unreasonable expulsion from your job then you must contact The Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C, who are expert in employment disputes.

If you have also been forced to face these circumstances then you must seek a legal remedy to be compensated from the perpetrators. You also have the right to get your job back in case you have been fired from your job unreasonably. But filing these suits is no easy task and requires loads of court procedures, deep understanding of legal provisions and laws. It is always advisable to hire an attorney to help you out in these circumstances. The Sattiraju Law Firm, P.C is a team of expert employment dispute attorneys and you must contact them.

Employment with proper and timely payment is your righ. You must fight for your rights before the court of law and get justice.