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3 Cute Gifts for the Grumpy Guy in Your Life!

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We all know a grumpy guy. Despite having a heart of gold, some guys just can’t seem to drop the grump appearance.

And that’s totally okay – because we love them anyways!

One issue with having a man like this in your life, however, is finding a good gift for them. Often, this personality type will be reluctant to ask for anything specific, so it can feel hard to impress them.

But don’t worry anymore:

This list offers three great gift ideas that will surely impress any grumpy guy!

The “Unwelcome” Mat

Some people love it when friends come to visit, so they put up a welcome mat in front of their door.

For the grumpy man, any unexpected visitors can be an inconvenience, so why not get them an “unwelcome” mat?

The idea of this mat is that it will scare away any unsolicited visitors; what could be more grumpy than that? The mat should be plain, and feature just one of these phrases:

  • Nope.
  • Go away.
  • Did I invite you?
  • Why are you here?

Your grumpy guy will probably find this hilarious, and so will anyone who comes to visit that knows his personality well!

A Grumpy Statue

Another nice thing about grumpy guys is that they are usually very aware of their grumpy reputation – and more than glad to get a chuckle out about it with you!

If you have a grumpy guy, try buying them one of the adorable Grumpy figurines from The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney collection (see it here: Grumpy from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves is just as well known for being loving as he was for being grumpy, so there’s no risk of this gift offending anyone.

Plus, the detail work within the collection is amazing! The figurine for Grumpy really expresses that grump feeling in a fun, alive way that will add to any home.

This collection has a Grumpy and a Dopey statue, so you can get Dopey for you and Grumpy for your favourite guy for a cute couple gift as well!

A Grumpy Coffee Cup

A lot of the grumpy guys are only grumpy until they’ve had their morning cup of coffee, but they’re still on the grump list!

Why not get them a gift that matches their mood until they’ve had their caffeine infusion?

A grumpy mug makes a really great gift! There are tons of joke mugs out there, and the best thing about them is that they’re more useful than a gag gift that can’t be used for anything but practical jokes. This funny gift is useful and hilarious; what more could you ask for?

Try getting a mug that takes on a grumpy persona:

  • Grumpy cat shaped mug
  • “Don’t talk till I have my coffee”
  • “Caught: Grumpy Man Ahead”

Choose a phrase or design that fits your grumpy guy to give this great gift.