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4 Travel Tips for Puerto Vallarta

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hen you think of Puerto Vallarta, do you imagine beautiful blue water, the sun, sand and endless relaxation? If so, you are not wrong; however, there is also an adventurous side to this land to is just waiting to be explored.

As one of the three most popular destinations in Mexico, falling in behind Cabo and Cancun (obviously), Puerto Vallarta has quite a bit to offer. But, before you embark on your adventure across the border, make sure to keep these travel tips for Puerto Vallarta in mind. After all, you are visiting a new country and things are bound to be somewhat different.

1. Stay Aware: Timeshare Hawkers are EVERYWHERE!

If you have ever been to Cancun or Cabo, you know this is the case at these airports, too. Once you have made your way through customs, the very first room you will enter is full of these well-meaning salespeople. They will ask you ANYTHING to get you to stick around and “chat.” Ultimately, the goal will be to get you to go to a timeshare presentation. The best course of action is to ignore them and move on to the area where the taxis, rental cars and shuttles are located.

2. Check the Exchange Rates Prior to Leaving

Before you depart on your trip, it is a good idea to know what the exchange rate is. For example, if the current rate is 10 pesos to a dollar, then you can easily use USD. However, if the rate is more than 10 pesos per dollar, then take pesos out at the ATM. This is because most vendors are going to stick to the 10 pesos per dollar rate, even if it is higher or lower.

3. Drinking the Water

At the majority of major restaurants and hotels the water is purified. But, it never really hurts to ask if the water and ice being served is made from “agua purificada.” While your server is likely always going to say yes, it still doesn’t hurt to double check. If you are ever in doubt, just stick to your bottled water.

4. Bargain – For Everything!

When it comes to travel tips for Puerto Vallarta, one of the best tips you can keep in mind is that you should try to bargain and negotiate for any and everything you plan to purchase. From taxi rides and treatments at a spa to souvenirs and more, you can usually get a better deal if you try. Just keep in mind, if you are taking a tour or taxi from the hotel, these are services that come with a fixed price, so bargaining won’t be effective.

There you have it, some helpful and actionable travel tips for Puerto Vallarta. When you keep the information here in mind, you will find that your trip is enjoyable and unforgettable.