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Apple’s Patent for a Round Watch

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Since Apple first launched in 1976, it has grown tremendously and is the proud owner of a number of patents. Just recently, Apple was granted another patent, this time for a round display on a smartwatch. Does this mean a round Apple Watch is in our future?

Current Apple Watch

The Apple Watch debuted in 2015 and not much has changed since then. The current watch is a rectangular display, but it does come in different models. The smartwatch is a fitness tracker and has IOS capabilities including the ability to call and text. It is also known as the best-selling wearable device. The latest generation, the Apple Watch series 3, was released on September 22nd, 2017. But there might be a change coming with the new generation Apple Watch thanks to the new patent Apple received.

New Patent

In the news, it was just announced that Apple was granted a patent for a round display on a smartwatch. The patent images look just like what it states, a smartwatch with a round display. No announcements by Apple have been made regarding the patent or their intentions for it.

Apple’s History of Patents

The tech company’s first patent was back in the late 1970s for a “microcomputer for use with a video display”. But that is just the beginning for Apple. They peaked in popularity in the 1990s with a patent for a laptop computer. But one of the brand’s biggest patent was in 2007 for a “telephone interface for a portable communication device”. That device was an iPod with a cell phone, which is the famous IPhone. And since then, Apple only continues to grow. Thinking of applying for your own patent? It is always a good idea to consult with a Phoenix patent attorney for help.