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Downloading PSD Files the Hassle Free Way

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A PSD file is an Adobe Photoshop file. It is an image file. PSD is a Photoshop format that could be opened later for further editing. PSD files contains image layers, adjustment layers, layer marks, annotations, file info, keywords etc.

Saving files on your computer is fun but when the download doesn’t work on your browser as good, like downloading files with extensions .psd, .m4v, .mp4, .flac., mov, .pdf, .avi, mkv, .mp3, etc, it ends all the fun.

You should have a look at Folx, app to download PSD on Mac – the first thing is that this app is free, you just download it and download anything you want on your Mac. Folx is a super helpful download manager for Mac and also it can handle to download any type of files with elegancy. Folx knows how to download PSD on Mac. Just know the link from where you want to download the file and you will have the file on your computer. The best thing is that if anything is downloadable, you can set up Folx such that it downloads automatically, you can also set filter for what you want to download.

Folx PRO splits and downloads the files up to 20 treads for faster downloading. You can also schedule downloads whenever you want to download a file, time and date. The system you can adjust such that after the downloading the computer will shut down or go to sleep mode, else you can quit the app.

Also Folx PRO can adjust its own speed according to internet speed and traffic; therefore; if you are doing any other stuff too on your internet it won’t be hampered because you are downloading something. Also, if you are exactly sure about the bandwidth you require at what times, you can schedule your download accordingly.