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Everything you need to know about quilt covers

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Comfort is the most desired things when someone is in their bed. They need a certain amount of warmth in all types of weather. People live to use quilts or comforters throughout the year to feel that comfort. Good quality quilts do cost quite a bit. So, it is important to utilize it with a white quilt cover or any other cover that they feel comfortable in. Let us know a bit more about the covers and also the tips to buy the perfect duvet cover ever. So, let us begin.

Why is a duvet or quilt cover important?

  • The first aspect will be that of protection. Good quality duvet with good fills is often quite expensive. As the duvet will be used throughout the year, it is important to aid it with a white duvet cover. The cover protects the duvet from any wear and tear and keeps it dust free. So, it becomes easy to manage, and one will not need to clean it ever so often.
  • Your white quilt cover set can also become an accessory to your room. It acts as a piece of decoration and makes the room cohesive. People these days are also going for more fun colors than the usual ones. The white quilt covers look extremely fashionable when contrasted with a dark color wall. One can make their bed look like the magazine photo shoots if they get hold of the right plain white quilt cover set.

Tips on choosing the right duvet cover:


These tips will help you extremely in getting a duvet cover that will be apt for your bedroom and also aid in the protection of your duvet or quilt. So, let us begin:

  • Size: Size is always a crucial thing to check whenever you go buy a duvet cover. Remember the sizing of your duvet, quilt or donna so that the cover will fit right. A good cover should fit well on the duvet, and it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. A white Donna cover may come in sizes like single, double, queen, king, super king, etc. Check the descriptions closely to make sure that your white quilt cover will fit the duvet.
  • Material: The material of the cover will also depend on the comfort level of the person. One can choose from cotton, mixed cotton, linen, silk, wool and synthetic. The white Donna cotton covers are always best for people who want something soft and durable. People who have a quilt made of silk should always go for a silk cover. Woolen covers are good for people who want added warmth. But if you are unsure always go for a plain white duvet cover as it looks aesthetically pleasing.
  • Thread Count: The thread count of any material plays a crucial role in determining the quality of the product. Our white quilt cover set shouldn’t have the same thread count as our normal sheets. It needs to protect the quilt so a thread count from 800-1200 will suffice the task. A person should choose a white doona cover that is superior in quality so that it can last a long time. A cotton plain white quilt cover often has the best thread counts available in the market.
  • Design: Another crucial thing for any quilt cover will be the design that one should get. People can get many different designs and colors these days. But to be fair nothing beats a white quilt set. They look amazing when contrasted with other decors around the room. It may feel a little bit old, but the concept never dies. An all-white bed is quite artistically pleasing to anyone that enters the room. It also gives you the vibe of being in a secure and comfortable place. Often the white quilts were adorned with white bed quilt covers in the earlier days even in the Royal Families. You can always add more dimensions by utilizing a colorful bed sheet or pillowcase. You can also get white quilt covers online that have accents of black on the plain white covers. Also, some come in waffle design or leaf design to add another dimension to the plainness.
  • Getting the Cover: These days it is quite easy to get hold of white doona covers online as the market has expanded. There are several more options that there were before. Also, the online retailers often offer amazing deals that one cannot look past it. It is very easy to find quilt cover on an online platform. Keywords such as ‘duvet cover white’ or ‘king size duvet cover white’ on a search engine can give you numerous options.

Enjoy buying your duvet covers as they will make you happy when you find comfort in them.  Always check the dimension and compare prices whenever buying a duvet cover, bet it offline or online. We hope that you can sleep along with your perfect white duvet cover next time you hit the bed.