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A famous race horse’s name can conjure-up images some of the splendid victories, dominating skill, and memories of rightly where you were once they accomplished their racing feats. But what horse can put claim to more of these main things than any other? Deciding some of the famous racehorses ever highly subjective, with such a long history, it is tough to compare racehorses from diff ears and parts of the Globe. But while attempting to stay context in mind, here’re a few of highly popular racehorse of all time, a few of which you’ve never ever hared of before.

Black Caviar:

  • Foaled: 2006
  • Record: 25-0-0
  • Earnings: $7,953,940

If you are a European or American racing fan, you may not hear about horse racing down under. Which’s a shame, because that means you missed out on the outstanding and record-breaking career of the Black Caviar. 3 time Aussie horse of the year, this horse recently retired undefeated after amassing a record-breaking 25-0-0 in 5 years. 15 of those victories were in G-1 races, and 3 of those came as 6 years old. She’s twenty-three wins is a Global horse racing in the recent era, and this was inducted into Racing Hall of Fame in Australia earlier she even retired.


  • Foaled: 1874
  • Record: 54-0-0
  • Earnings: 379,905 Gold marks

Over decades ago, a horse named Kincsem did something great no other European horse has done ever since: go undefeated over five seasons. In fact, go unbeatable pedigree in recorded past has won even semi of that several races. As 2 years old. The Kincsem won more than ten races in 3 diff states. That trend carries on over the next 3 years and 45 races of her career, including 3 wins at the prestigious Grosser Preis Von Baden.


  • Foaled: 2004
  • Record: 19-1-0
  • Earnings: $7,304,680

Named by the sports magician as one of the greatest fillies of all time, this might also be the greatest bargain of history. Purchased for more than $60k because the horse was suffering from ringworm, she did not begin racing until Zenyatta was 3 years old. She slowly started to gather more wins, getting her 1st G-1 success in early 2008, a time that went unbeatable and was capped by cup-ladies classic win. The following year Zenyatta returned to racing as 5 years old, booming the first horse filly ever to take the main Breeder Classic Cup. That victory alone made her $2,800,000 not a bad return on the actual investment.

Spectacular Bid

  • Foaled: 1976
  • Record: 26-2-1
  • Earnings: $2,781,708

In a decade where 3 triple crowns were won, a horse was just little prick away from being 4th, it seemed like the feat was going to be accomplished a 2nd straight year after spectacular bid won the Derby Kentucky event as just 2 years old, and then won the Preakness with a moment quicker than both Seattle. But on the morning of the Belmont, Slew stepped on a protection pin that led to an illness and ultimately a 3rd spot finish. Horse racing fans left to amaze, particularly once bid would go on the loose only single race the reminded of his amazing career, setting records every place he went and a then-record for career wins.