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Following the rules in a game of Hockey

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Hockey is a popular game in a number of different countries throughout the world and is also included in the Olympics as one of the key team sports. This is one of the many reasons that players spend a vast amount of time in training and improving their play ability can be achieved by watching Hockey Training drill Videos like those on  It is both gameplaying skills and general fitness and stamina that players will focus on during their training sessions.

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The main aim of the game is to pass the ball into the opposing team’s area of the field and advance onto the goal area where a player will take a shot on goal. The first experience that many people have of this game is during their physical education classes at secondary school, with some children playing at junior school level. One of the first things to understand when looking to either play a sport or become a spectator is to ensure that you understand the rules of the game and any regulations and penalties that apply.

There are a number of key important rules including the fact that a player must not:

  • Use their body or stick to obstruct the ball from play
  • Use the rounded side of the stick to play the ball
  • Raise the stick to a dangerous level, especially not in an intimidating way
  • Use anything other than their stick to move the ball
  • Hit, push, trip or collide with an opposing player in any way

This is only a few of the rules but a quick search online will help you find a full list.

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For breaching any of the rules the following sanctions can be taken against the player in question given by the umpire:

  • Cautioning
  • Warning with a green card
  • Suspending the player temporarily with a yellow card for a period of time (for a minimum of five minutes)
  • A red card issued giving the player involved a permanent suspension from the match

These sanctions are very similar to other team sports such as football and rugby. As hockey can be a fast-paced game you often find that the umpire is amongst one of the fittest people on the field as they are required to continually keep pace with the game and remain close to the players who are currently playing the ball to ensure that no infractions occur.