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Fun Indoor Games for All of The Family

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When it’s cold and wet outside it’s easy to stick on the heating and settle down in the lounge with a good film, but how about something different? A few indoor games can lift your spirits and prevent the whole family from being a bunch of couch potatoes.

Hide and Seek

Let’s start with an old favourite – hide and seek. The seeker covers their eyes and counts to a certain number while the hiders go and find a creative place to lay low in. Younger children will find fairly obvious places to hide so take your time and make a big deal out of going in and out of every room saying loudly “Oh where can they be, I just cannot find little Jonny/Janey!” This gives you a great opportunity to put a few things away and tidy a few things at the same time as you are busy “seeking” in each room!

Treasure Hunt

Aha me hearties, there’s nothing like a treasure map to get you shivering your timbers! You can start by hiding a little box of treasure (gold chocolate coins work well) in a secret location. It’s wise to add name labels to prevent confusion or a bit of sneaky cheating! Put together a few clues for them to follow (these can accompany a map). Make the clues as simple or tricky as you like, just keep in mind if they are too hard your child might lose interest, too easy and the treasure hunt will be over before you can say “Aye Aye Captain.”

What’s in the Box?

Children tend to have a penchant for sensory items, things that excite their senses and that they can explore. Looking is good, but exploring by touch is interesting.

Get a shoe box or drawstring bag and add a few different items to it, they need to have different textures and be things that the child could recognise by touch e.g. cotton wool, a smooth marble, a rough textured nail file, spiky hairbrush etc. when ready get your child to close their eye (or add a blindfold if you think they will peek)! Ask the child to put their hand into the feely bag or the box that you have cut a hole in. What can they feel? Can they describe it and then guess what the object is? You could make a bag for each child, or elongate the task by getting them to make one for each other, complete with name labels so they know which is theirs.

Board Game Bonanza

Got a cupboard full of board games? Now’s the time to dust them off and get gaming. Draw up a league table if you want to make it interesting, an A3 piece of paper, complete with name labels is all you will need to keep score. Watch your family find their competitive streak as they battle to become “Master of Games.” Buy a bag of gold coins for the winner (chocolate of course) – let the games begin!