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Here is what a Birth Injury Law Attorney can do for you and your Child

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Child delivery injuries are deplorable and inexcusable. Babies are precious and always deserve the utmost care. Midwives, nurses, doctors, and other medical practitioners assume this responsibility regularly, and it is their duty to offer the highest quality medical care. In some instances, some of these professionals become complacent and make errors that result in childbirth complications and injuries.

The process of delivering a baby is considered one of the happiest moments and joyous event of parents’ life. Unfortunately, for every 1000 infants delivered in the United States, five babies are known to experience birth injuries. The primary cause of these injuries is doctors, nurses, or other medical practitioners failing to use medical devices properly. Another cause of birth injuries is the lack of enough oxygen for the baby during labor.

If you believe that your little angel suffered birth injuries because of negligence on the part of the medical practitioners, it is recommended to seek compensation for your child’s injuries. Stewart L. Cohen, a Philadelphia birth injury attorney, asserts that it is challenging to prove that a medical practitioner’s negligence resulted in your baby’s injuries. Therefore, it is wise to hire an attorney with an outstanding experience in birth injury law.

Birth injury cases

Generally, an experienced birth injury attorney can help you understand your legal rights with regard to various medical negligence instances or mistakes made by your doctor, healthcare provider, or gynecologist. Some of the common birth injuries covered most lawyers include fetal lacerations, wrongful birth, hypoxia, bone fractures, infant brain damage, and more.

At the same time, the attorney can also work with you diligently to make sure that you get the best chance of proving your case. Before that, the lawyer will first determine whether you have a valid claim or not. Subsequently, he or she can start the legal process by reviewing your case details. To ensure that your case is processed faster, the lawyer will help you put together all medical files and other pieces of evidence.

Having the right details and files regarding your case will enable your attorney to carefully review and analyze the extra intricate details associated with your birth injury case. During this period, it isn’t unusual for the lawyer to propose a specific settlement amount. If the responsible party for the havoc declines the settlement amount, your lawyer will start the litigation process. This is the time your lawyer will file a formal complaint against the responsible entity in a civil court.

Once your complaint is processed, the defense side will be given a specific period to review it and respond. This is the time the ‘discovery stage’ of the lawsuit starts, and that means the defendant will be able to view the details and complaints filed against them. They will be able to see the evidence list, witness list, medical reports, and other important details gathered by your lawyer. In most cases, defendants opt to negotiate a settlement to avoid fighting the case in trial.