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How Can You Surf The World Wide Web In Privacy?

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The question title for this article is something that so many people ask because they are not sure if their internet surfing activity is safe. With government laws enabling secret services to set up entire departments to spy on and keep a record of people’s internet activity, we can never be sure that we are actually being given our freedom to privacy. In fact, the internet is one of the first places that people will look in order to find out more information about you – especially hackers looking to steal your identity.

This is one of the reasons why VPN software has been released. The software allows you to connect to a server in another country and surf the internet without any record of the session coming from your computer. The companies that own the servers themselves pride themselves on offering servers to connect to that are configured with hardware and software security – the type that if you were to purchase the same security tools would cost you an arm and a leg.

Basically, by using VPN software, you are paying a small monthly or yearly subscription fee. In exchange, you will have access to usually more than 20 VPN servers in locations around the world. Some of the more established VPN companies have over 50 servers around the world. Many of these servers are located in different countries with a handful of them located in the same country but in a different city.

See the IPVanish review for a recommend VPN software provider that will help disguise your home or business IP address by using servers located in other countries around the world. The same company that reviews the IPVanish option, which is also has numerous other reviews of VPN software providers that you may find useful for your own situation.

What Do People Use VPNs For Other Than Privacy?

There are plenty of other reasons a VPN may come in useful. Maybe you want to stream a movie online but the website is blocked in your country. You can connect to a country where the website is available and stream your movies through the VPN.

Internet marketers also like to use VPNs to get location-specific information. For instance, maybe they want to see the search rankings of a particular company on Yahoo or Google in the local area. The marketer can connect to the location the company is in or to a city nearby and get a feel for how that company ranks in that country.

Also, another popular use for VPNs is for people that go on holiday and want to connect to websites back in their home country. Some sites will only allow them access if they are connecting using an IP address situated within that country. VPN software can help these people gain access they otherwise would not have.

Does VPN Software Work on Smartphones?

Nearly all modern VPN software providers allow you to install the software on multiple devices. You can only be logged in from one device in most cases although some VPN software providers allow up to 3 devices using the VPN software simultaneously. You can log in using software downloaded to your smartphone, laptop, MAC, touchpad, or PC.

VPNs are extremely flexible and are used as a solution in many different scenarios. Some people simply want to make sure they have a private connection to the internet. Others want to simply watch movies that they cannot watch any other way but using a VPN, while VPNs also have their use in the business world such as digital marketing. If you have a connectivity issue that relates to the internet, then maybe a VPN can help you get around the problem.