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How To Make Photo Montages Using Movavi Photo Editor

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Movavi Photo Editor is one of the photo editing software programs that goes under the radar because of the low price tag but the truth is that this is one program you really want to take a closer look at. If you want to make a photo montage, it is incredibly simple with Movavi Photo Editor. All that you need to do is follow these very simple steps.

Install The Software And Add The Desired Photos

If you do not know whether or not you will use Movavi Photo Editor it is worth first downloading the trial version to see if the software is a fit for your needs. When you want to create the photo montage you start with installing the program. Then, you add all the images that you will want to include in the photo montage.

Make The Necessary Photo Adjustments

Just creating the montage by adding images is not something that you normally want. There is a pretty good possibility that you need to make some image edits. Use the different features included in Movavi Photo Editor to make the modifications that you are interested in. You can do various different things from removing unwanted objects to adding effects and overlay text. Choose out of the numerous filters and make your photographs perfect. If you want to, you can also modify the background to make the images even better.

Create The Photo Collage

After you are happy with all the photographs it is time to create the actual photo collage. Choose out of the different templates that are available or simply create your own. Work as much as you want until the photo montage will be perfect. This is normally possible really fast because of the great features included.

Export The Photo Montage

The last step is also really simple. Movavi Photo Editor allows you to quickly export the photo montage in various different formats that you can choose from. Optimize the new collage for the device where you intend to use it, ranging from mobile phones to applications for the internet.

This is it and it just takes a few minutes.