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How to Use Google Forms to Create a Workflow

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Most business processes are associated with a workflow of some sort. To make things convenient, many companies rely on Google apps to make their workflows more effective and efficient. One Google app that many businesses rely on is Google forms. Here is some information about workflow for Google apps like Google Forms.

What Can You Do With Google Forms?

As you probably already know, Google Forms enables users to collect and store data. Responses are stored on each row of a spreadsheet. However, you may not know that you can use these forms to process that collected data and add to the existing data. You can also use a form to trigger a process or workflow.

Google Forms will prove useful anytime you need to perform an action on the information you collected. Therefore, Google Forms is useful for processing data rather than just reporting on data. For example, if you use Google Forms to collect requests for a project or service, you can use Google Forms to roll out an approval, response, or another action. Rather than manually making changes to all of the new requests in the form, you can use the form to reopen the request and initiate the next step in the process or workflow.

Design the Workflow

There are many decisions that you can make when designing a workflow. For example, a situation where you may need to make a lot of decision questions is one where you need to create a process that is structured for receiving, responding, documenting, and reporting help requests that your team receives. Of course, you could use an incident management tool to deal with these types of requests received. However, if your company is small, this may not be feasible. A better alternative is using Google forms to create a workflow.

Some things you should consider when designing your workflow include:

  • Add branching logic – You will be able to add branching logic to your form. Based on an answer provided, certain parts of the form can be skipped entirely. This will help simplify your form and make it more efficient. For example, if the user is creating a new form, all of the questions will be asked. However, if the user is updating an existing form, then certain questions may be skipped.
  • Add input validation – You should also consider adding input validation to your form. That way, only the admin will be able to access certain parts of the form. The admin will need to answer a challenge question to access restricted parts of the form.

You can use Google forms to create a workflow for google apps or for various processes within your organization. For more information about how to use Google forms to create a workflow, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.