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Let’s See the Improvements in the Overall System of Transportation!!!

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It has been seen that from past many years, there has been huge improvements in the National highways of India in terms of connectivity as well as quality of the roads. But, the procedure of toll-tax requires the tourists or drivers to stand in long queues for hours. But it is no more required, as the government of India has introduced a new program popularly known as FASTag meant for online or electronic toll collection.

The FASTag or ETC is a tag that is affixed on the windscreen of one’s vehicle. It is informed that if a person has two vehicles, he/she is required to have two FASTag’s. But, according to the laws, it is prohibited to have two FASTag’s. The introduction of FASTag has helped the visitors to pay their toll tax before leaving home. As and when they reach the toll plaza, their payment status shown is paid and they are not required to stand in queues. Also, there is a separate lane for the FASTag users.

The use of FASTag has made the life of its users easy as well as hassle free. This has helped in saving their time, fuel and energy. It has also provided its users with a cashback discount of 7.5%. The use of FASTag has made the buyers or users make online recharge by making use of different modes of payment, i.e. cheque, NEFT, bank transfer, by using apps like Paytm, etc. The interested ones can avail these services and enjoy them anytime he/she want.

It has also enabled the persons to get rid of carrying cash with them, as one can make the payment online in advance and the amount will be deducted directly from their bank account, Paytm wallet, etc. It has provided its users with an ease in payments. It removes the manual cash transactions at the toll that saves their time. It provides its users with special recharge options. These users are not required to stand in queues for long hours.

The users can also get SMS alerts every time the transactions are done by making use of this tag. The interested ones can get their accounts opened with some banks, as they are working in collaboration with FASTag. The users interested can also pay the toll tax on the official website of FASTag. They love their customers, so as to feel free during normal business hours. The persons interested can also buy FASTag from its online kart. Paytm is helping the FASTag users across the world, so as to make the payments without using cash.

It is also a service provider of FASTag. These are the simple reusable tags that work on the radio based frequency identification technology. this tag has allowed the users to pass through 380 toll plazas across India. It is registered to a Paytm account, so as to facilitate instant automatic deduction of toll charges. There is no need to make a recharge of FASTag and Paytm separately.