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Make your family feel fonder with personalized photo frames

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Family means bonding, sharing and caring. It also means pleasant memories preserved as precious photographs. Your family photo deserves the best framing in order to preserve it for a lifetime. The photo frame should also be unique and distinctive to capture everyone’s attention. It should also evoke a feeling of fondness from the family members. The best thing to being done to make your family fonder is to encase your photograph with personalized photo frames.
Ways to bring fondness to the family using personalized photo frames
Family is full of feelings, sentiments and emotions. Evoke the feeling f fondness among your family members by displaying the group photographs of your near and dear ones attractively in the following ways.
1.         Create a gallery wall
Chose a wide wall in your living room, dressing room or even staircase landing. But let this wall belong to a common area where everybody mingles. The wall should be the focus of attention and should be seen by everybody who walks into the house. Select such a wall and paint it preferably white. Choose a number of photographs, big and small or in various sizes. Let them be group photographs, individual ones or couple shots.  You may use only monochrome photographs or coloured photographs or go for an eclectic mix of both. But they must all be of a good resolution and clarity. Each photograph should picture an epic moment and have a story to tell.
Now, get these photographs framed with personalized photo frames from an expert to provide. Arrange them along the wall as you like but with some order. You can go in for bold, black frames or intersperse them with red coloured ones to highlight some special ones.
2.         Dine amongst your family photos
A dining room is one place where the whole family converge for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Why not arrange your family photos on a wall opposite the dining table to catch everyone’s eye? Just looking at these photographs brings in a feeling of fondness and unity among the family members. What more, each photo encased in a personalized photo frame will be a superb conversation starter at the table.
3.         Around a staircase
The space around a staircase is seldom used effectively in houses. Why not surround a spiral staircase with photographs from floor to ceiling. Frame these photos in personalized photo frames to create an element of design in that unused or drab area? These bold personalized photo frames will make your photographs come alive on the wall and draw everyone’s attention to it.
4.         A photo showcase
In your living room, there are many showpieces on display. Why not create a photo showcase? Allot an entire shelf to housing family photographs framed in personalized photo frames. This photo showcase will draw everyone’s attention and interest as they enter the room. Just make sure that you select good quality personalized photo frames in unique designs to frame the photos.
5.         In bookshelves
Do you have a bookshelf at home? Then intersperse books with some precious family photos encased in personalized photo frames. These photos will attract the attention of the viewer easily. Whenever a person reaches for a book, he/she spends a moment or two to glance lovingly at these photographs.
6.         On your balcony wall
Balconies are places where family members relax and chat. A balcony wall would be an ideal place to hang your family photos framed in personalized photo frames. Now your family can relax and recall memories as they see these family photos on the balcony wall.
Your family photographs are precious and deserve the best. Bring out the best in your family photographs by framing them in personalized photo frames. Get these frames from a trusted provider to ensure premium quality at the perfect price. Unite your family with fondness by displaying their photos in such personalized photo gifts and frames.