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Mashina Vremeni performs in Shangri La Minsk in honor of the anniversary of the casino

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Do not miss the opportunity to get to the grandiose festive party in Shangri La Minsk. Only on July 21, in honor of nine years of successful work, Mashina Vremeni will be performing a concert. But even this is not all! The managing company Storm International, Darren Keane is the CEO, gives all participants 50 000 surprises.

The birthday party in Shangri La is always something special. Organizers do not disclose all the secrets until the last moment, but the guests invariably remain delighted with the bright show and generous prizes.

The ninth anniversary of Shangri La, Darren Keane announced, promises to become one of the most grandiose events of the 2018 Summer in Minsk. And this means that you need time to book a place to have a great holiday!