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Restaurant Guide For Halal Food Lovers In Kuala Lampur

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Due to the presence of largely Muslim population Kuala lampur has a number of halal restaurants.  And the good news is these restaurants serve multi cuisine. The Muslim law states that any food that does not contain alcohol, pork and it’s by products, carnivorous animals, animals slaughtered without prayer and blood. The recommended halal restaurants in KL serve authentic halal food with a variety of cuisine like Middle Eastern, Indian and western dishes without pork along with the Malay cuisine.

Most of the halal restaurants are found in Bangsar. You can also find a few of them in the city centre of Kuala lampur. These restaurants provide pure halal food to the Muslim population and other food lovers fond of halal food.

Some of the most recommended halal food restaurants in kl are

  • Melur & Thyme restaurant which serves authentic Malay dishes like crispy peking duck and Nyonya chicken rending along with western delicacies like beef stew and salmon croquets. It also serves a variety of smoothies, fruit juices and mock tails.
  • Restoran sri Nirwana Maju is very famous Indian restaurant in kl. The food here is served in banana leaf which is altogether a different experience.  The banana leaf rice served here is a local favourite. The rice is served along with accompaniments like mutton curry, fish curry, fried bitter guard and popudums.
  • Arabesque Kuala Lampur is another popular halal restaurant in kl. It is a Middle Eastern restaurant on the Petaling Street. The menu offers a mix of authentic Turkish, Syrian and Egyptian dishes. Arabesque also has a variety of juices, Turkish coffee with baklava and Arabian tea on its menu.

  • The Ganga café is another halal restaurant in the Bangsar area which serves south Indian vegetarian food.  The menu here includes banana leaf rice served with vegetarian curries. The uppma served in this restaurant is a definite favourite among the locals. The restaurant also serves a signature juice which is famous for having detoxifying and healing properties.
  • Dolly Dim Sum kl is a Chinese all day eatery in the avenue K Shopping centre In Kuala Lampur. This restaurant does not serve pork dishes. The lip smacking menu of this restaurant includes prawn dumplings along with barbecued chicken served with rice and barbequed buns.
  • Las Vecas meat shop is a steakhouse combined with butcher’s shop where you can buy imported meat. They serve exotic meats from all over the world.
  • Peter &Mawar is a restaurant that serves western and Asian menus. It also got cakes and pastries sourced from the best bakeries in Kuala Lampur. This place has good ambience and a perfect spot to spend time with family and friends. The menu has dishes like Nasi Lemak Ketam and other delicious fare.
  • Goodness greens café by La Juiceria is an all day diner which offers a variety of western and Asian dishes to the health conscious foodies in Kuala Lampur. It also serve3s beverages like cold pressed smoothies and juices, coffee and tea.

There are a number of halal restaurants in Kuala lampur because it has predominantly Muslim population. These restaurants offer a variety of cuisines like Indian, Chinese, Asian, Middle Eastern and western along with the local Malay cuisine.