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Some Good Anniversary Party Ideas in Chicago Illinois

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You surely want to celebrate the anniversary of you and your lover. Your one and your anniversary will not be perfect without great anniversary party ideas. The idea of the anniversary is to celebrate the first day you and your lover make a vow to each other. Looking for a female exotic dancer to be classy and heat things up is a new way to spark that instinct all over again. So, the party can happen in the 1st, 10th, 25th, or 50th, or even every year.

Speaking about anniversary party ideas, it must be daunting if it is your first time, or it is the first time you want to make something different. Whether it is your 1st, or 5th, or 10th, the anniversary is worth celebrating. And there is no better way by celebrating it with fun party. If you are holding the party yourself, you will need to go with the checklist to ease you into arranging it.

The success key of the anniversary party in Chicago Illinois is starting with an idea that you are going to invite the guests. So, you will know how to begin and end the event respectively. First things first, you could decide the theme. A party without a theme is clueless. Theme is needed to set the decoration, location option, food and beverages, as well as the dress code for the invitations. One of the best ideas is to hire Chicago strippers dressed as police girls to dance in bikini at the surprise party. This brings a lot of laughs and its harmless to the event. This strip dancing service doesn’t have to just be for bachelor parties, it’s a fun way and can be novelty based with class and prestige. A theme does not have to be fancy or exclusive. It can be something that you and your couple like.

After finding the them, you will set a guest list to decide whom you will invite into your party. Make sure that you and your couple have the same mind of who you are going to invite.

Then you will need to decide the menu for your guests. Some probably love to drink but keep in mind to exclude it out if you invite under ages. Finger foods are the big hit and still working these days. Not only they are light, affordable, but also effective for the larger event.

If you can’t decorate by yourself, consider hiring the decorators who can cater your requirements. They will establish the great mods for the party, and set the best lighting. For instance, you will expect 70s types of lamps when you set the theme in retro.

Games and fun stuff are too important to be missed. Consider hiring dancers or other performers for entertainers. D.J. can be a good option if you want to set the specific moods in your party. That way the entertainers will do the hard job while you can focus on your party.

Choosing the venue for your party is also prominent in your anniversary party ideas. Consider these popular places to rent:

  • 0pin Bowling Lounge.
  • 720 South Bar And Grill.
  • Adamus – Silversmith Hotel. .
  • Atwood
  • Bar Lupo
  • Bar Takito
  • Barcocina
  • The Berghoff Restaurant.