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The Harmful Impact of Heavy Metal Contamination in Drinking Water

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With the levels of water pollution increasing day by day, the contamination of heavy metal in drinking water has slowly become a threat to humans. This is generally the main cause of severe issues in terms of health. Some grave health hazards include cancer, damage to organs and various other serious health issues. Heavy metal presence is not visible to the naked eye, which is why it can only be detected using a water test. These pollutants slowly poison your health as they are not known to cause immediate health effects on the body.

The entrance of heavy metals in the water supply is mainly through domestic, urban and industrial waste. Other places are acid rains that release these toxic heavy metals directly into the water bodies from where water gets supplied.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are elements that are metallic and toxic in nature. They have a specific gravity and atomic weight and high density. Naturally, these metals are found in the crust of the earth, but because of human activities, the biochemical and geochemical balance of these metals have changed due to which they enter the water supply.

Some heavy metals like Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Cobalt are good for the body, but in excessive amount, even these are detrimental to health. Several factors decide how risky the heavy metal is and this includes the dose of the metal and the exposure means. Even if that’s the case, there are many heavy metals that can harm various organs even at really low exposure levels. Accumulation of metals like cadmium, arsenic, mercury and lead can cause serious health problems and these metals have no beneficial effects. These heavy metals can also be found in drinking water nowadays.

Effects of Heavy Metals in Human Body

As these metals can’t be discharged from the human body, they keep collecting inside the body. Although there is no instant impact on the body, it does lead to major problems that are long lasting. Most of these issues influence the brain directly. This can result in reduced nervous function for the entire system. Other vital organs are harmed as well. Some of them are lungs, liver and kidneys. These metals are carcinogens, so they can also cause cancer. Here are some of the most common heavy metals and their adverse effects:


Mercury’s way into the water supply is through soil leaching because of acid rain, mining waste, household waste, industrial waste and coal consumption. This metal is known to cause damage to kidneys and nervous system.


This enters the water from old pipes that are corroded. Lead can cause kidney and nervous damage and it also causes learning difficulties.


Cadmium is a byproduct of smelting and mining of zinc and lead. This enters the water supply from plastic and mining industries as well as sewage systems and it causes diseases that are related to kidney.


Arsenic is one of the most common heavy metal that poisons the adults. The discharge of arsenic into nature is when lead, zinc and copper is refined. It also gets discharged when glasses and chemicals are manufactured. Arsenic contaminated water can cause skin damages, eye problems, liver damages and is also the cause of cancer.

These issues are really drastic and dangerous and it is absolutely essential that the drinking water is purified of these impurities. The only way to pure these impurities is through RO purification. The RO water purifier price isn’t that pinching and it would certainly benefit your health in several ways. So, go ahead and purchase an RO water purifier.