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Top 3 Joys of a Spring Travel Bug

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If you’re anything like me, your travel bug awakens in the spring and doesn’t let you live in piece until you take a trip somewhere, even if it’s just for the weekend. During the winter, it’s so easy to hybernate for months and not really do anything and as a result get all these crazy ideas like farmers dating, but come spring time all of your senses start to awaken, and you can’t help but feel restless no matter what you do. In my case, I’ll scrub the dirt off my balcony for hours trying to convience myself I’m actually being physically active and helping boost my Vitamin D levels which plumet in the winter, but what I’m actually doing is trying to shoo away my restlessness in vain. The only thing that is going to cure me is my late May weekend trip to ______ (insert destination) with my sister, and here are my 3 biggest joys about it.

#1: Planning is Half the Fun

A sping travel bug can sometimes be cured just by fantasizing about seeing a distant place you’ve never been to, checking it out on Google Earth, reading comments and reviews about it, and after a while almost feeling like you’ve actually been there. This approach works if the timing for travel is just not right. Half the fun actually lies in planning out every little detail even if you never realize that plan. On the other hand, if you know you’ll actually get to travel soon planning a trip you’ll take again amounts to half the fun. Right now, I’m drunk on anticipation, picking out the cutest outfits, making a shopping list, and telling all my friends I’m going even though I haven’t even bought my ticket yet.

#2:  Pre-Travel Shopping

Need new shades? Check. Could use a new carry-on? Check. How about some new makeup for the road? Check. Shopping for a weekend getaway is different from shopping for a full-blown vacation because the list of items that are absolutely necessary is much shorter, but the thrill is the same nevertheless. Even though I know I’d hate myself for spending money before the trip when I see all the great stuff they have over there, I do it anyway because it’s an integral part of my spring travel bug awakening. Also, making sure to try out everything new before the trip is a good idea to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

#3: Taking The Trip and Having a Blast

If you like steps 1 and 2 as much as I do, actually taking the trip is just icing on the cake. If you’ve never been to that place soaking up the vibe and trying to understand it as much as possible is where most of the excitement and new experiences come from. Meeting new people, tasting different foods, discovering little nooks that the locals already know about but to you feel like you’re a real adventurer, buying souvenirs to preserve the memory of the trip for as long as possible, and coming home where all the impressions settle and you actually start to appreciate the trip more than the anticipation is the other half. It is also a feeling that lasts for a lifetime.