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Travelling from a Metro to Tier II City? Here Are Some of the Best Flight Options

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Thousands of Indians fly to tier-II cities from a metro city every day. The purpose of their flight might differ as some travel for leisure and others travel for business. Yet, the objective for everyone remains the same – all travellers need maximum comfort at the most affordable rate possible. Hence, for those who frequently travel to tier-II cities, here are some of the best flight options to choose from. Keep reading.

India is developing fast as a nation. And the credit of this rapid development goes not only to the metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc., but also to the fast growth of tier-II cities like Agra, Indore, Jabalpur, Jamshedpur, Warangal, etc. This fast development has in-turn resulted in better connectivity of these cities to the metros of the country. Be it trains, roads, or air travel; people are now travelling to these cities more than ever, not just for a vacation but for work too.

Low-cost air travel, in particular, has played an important role in bringing these cities closer to the metro. Moreover, with the possibility of booking everything online, it has become further easier to find the best option within minutes, be it Indigo online booking or Air India online booking, the process is less complicated and quicker. So, if you travel from a metro city frequently, below mentioned are some of the best flight options for you.

  1. IndiGo

IndiGo Airlines has been serving endless domestic destinations across India since 2006. It’s been over ten years since this enterprising venture had been established by the well-known Interglobe Technologies, which has been acknowledged for serving the travel and hospitality domain efficiently for years. By providing superior services, the airline is conquering new obstacles and rising high every day. While it is known for punctuality and high-quality service, it is their wide-spread network to tier-II cities that makes it a good choice.

  1. Air India

India’s oldest, and perhaps among the largest airline service operators at the moment, is Air India. The enterprising venture was established back in July 1932. It took Air India a whole of three to four months to properly begin functions after incepting in India. Air India is owned by the National Aviation Company of India Limited, which is a government enterprise. Hence you can always feel secure with them. It offers great connectivity to most tier-II cities of the country.

  1. Jet Airways

Jet Airways is based in Mumbai and considered to be one the largest airlines of India, following Air India. The main operations of Jet Airways only take place in Mumbai and Delhi. It is a privately-owned operation and has quickly earned the reputation of delivering a world-class flying experience to its customers.

Be it Delhi to Indore flights, Delhi to Jaipur flights, or flights from Mumbai to Nashik, or more; you can easily get a lot of options.

  1. SpiceJet

It is undeniable to state that SpiceJet, in comparison to other airlines, offers cheapest flight tickets to its customers. The enterprise was founded by the Kangsara, and is well-acknowledged for providing qualitative services. The airline’s flights connect several cities effortlessly.

  1. Go Air

Go Air airlines was founded back in 2005. The main objective of Go Air airlines was to provide customers with low-fare domestic flights across India. The primary hubs for Go Air currently are in Delhi and Mumbai. However, the airline is also focusing on several cities such as Cochin, Ahmedabad, and Bengaluru.  

Since people are constantly juggling to balance professional and personal life, it becomes even more tiresome if they have to travel frequently. In such a scenario, a little help from technology can do wonders. So, make use of the internet and compare prices of flight tickets, or use travel portal like Cleartrip, before making any decision, and get best services at affordable prices.