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Visit the Cocktail Universe in Los Angeles – City of Angels

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LA is known as City of Angels as it is the biggest tourist destination that has various historic monuments and festive events to attract millions of tourists. It’s the second densely populated city in the US. Los Angeles city is well-known for Hollywood and entertainment industry majorly. With the cultural scene, tourists can also experience cultural cuisine of California. To know the city well, you should dine at a place where you can explore the authentic cuisine with dynamic flavors.

Now many culture cuisines have taken their place in Los Angeles, so when you take LA food tour you shouldn’t be startled to see a blend of different flavors in a dish, including beverages that have introduced different flavors for all kinds of people visiting the destination.

Here are some cocktails that we are talking about –

  • The Moscow Mule is a mixture of vodka, ginger and lime mixed and blended well.
  • Who can miss out on tequila shots if it is combined with a fruit juice that is flavored with bitter orange?
  • English milk punch where milk is clarified for several days and is flavored with three kinds of rum, spices, absinthe and served cold.
  • Whiskey, brandy, rum, gin is all-time favorite of all Englishmen.
  • Negroni is equal proportion of gin, Campari and sweet vermouth.
  • An oyster shooter is a cocktail where best quality oysters are used as an appetizer and is offered with the best cocktail.
  • Pisco sour is the combination of egg white blended well with pico brandy and citrus. It is a perfect combination when served with salted cancha.
  • Jimmy Conway is a whiskey that is served with bitter walnuts Nonino amaro and Italian Liquor from rhubarb.
  • Michelda is an improvised beer in which some umami, ice, heat and fresh citrus is added.
  • Mezcal is a spirit that is made from the core of agave plant which has a beautiful aroma including wood smoke that was included when wood was roasted.
  • Instead of Pina Colada try Kiki Fantana which is blend of gin, strawberry cream soda and vermouth.
  • During summer the most refreshing drink is Gimlet which includes gin with syrup and lime cordial.
  • Baby’s First Bourbon is a sweet drink where whiskey and almond syrup is mixed to make it sweet.

All these drinks were made keeping in mind different people and their taste. Cocktails are made in such a way that every person can try it once. There may be more which may not be listed here you still have a huge list to explore.