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Ways To Earn Extra Money As A Stay-At-Home Parent

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 When you have small children at home, juggling a full-time job with the responsibilities of parenthood can feel like a losing game. Starting your own business or finding a position that allows you to work remotely or on a part-time basis is usually your best bet for a decent work-life balance, if finances allow it. There are plenty of creative ways that you could bring in some extra income for your household without having to head off for a daily commute each day.

  1. Get a telecommunicating position. Plenty of companies around the world now hire people to work remotely, giving many stay at home parents the opportunity to make extra cash without taking on an office job. Digital marketing positions are particularly common. If you’re interested in working from home in the digital space, you can easily get a diploma in social media marketing online or a similar qualification, and advertise yourself to potential employers using freelance websites.
  2. Create your own auction site business. Selling things you’re no longer using is a business strategy as old as time itself, and it’s now easier than ever thanks to the internet. While selling second-hand items from your home can be a simple way to bring in some money, you’ll make more by starting a genuine business selling your wares. This works best if you have your own creations to share with others, like crafts, food, or clothing that you’ve designed yourself. Create your own web-based store or use an auction site like eBay to generate a client base and begin your career online.
  3. Start a blog. It may feel like everyone is already doing this, but there’s a pretty good reason for it. Business blogging is a great way to let off steam and speak your mind, while potentially generating a new income stream. Whether you’re writing about something you have a particular expertise or interest in, or just sharing your personal experiences with your readers, you can market yourself online to reach a wider audience and potentially earn money while you write. Do plenty of research to ensure you understanding how the blogging world works and how to effectively monetise your website.
  4. Write for your kids. Another alternative income stream for parents who love to write is to create fiction for your children, and then pitch it to publishers or publish it yourself online as an e-book. If you have a talent for drawing, you can even illustrate your own story – you may have a major success just waiting at the tip of your fingers.
  5. Invite other kids into your home. If your own child isn’t providing you with quite enough work, you can always earn additional income by offering childcare to other families in the neighbourhood. Whether you have a part-time aftercare service for kids who are waiting for their parents to get home after school, or a home-based daycare for babies and toddlers, there are plenty of ways to earn money through childcare if you have the time, resources, and patience. You will need to get certification from the local authorities if you’re planning to care for kids in your home, so do your research before you make a decision.