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What You Need To Understand While Solving The Problems On Boats And Streams

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You might have heard it from the veterans, and you also have personally experienced a vital thing to crack the competitive examinations.   To nail the examinations, you cannot afford missing the questions that assess you quantitative aptitude. And it is more than important to accurately solve the tricky mathematics literally within a blink of eye. This is why; you cannot avoid learning up some few shortcut tips. Such shortcuts come really handy when you attempt complicated questions on problems based on upstreams, downstreams and boats.

Questions That Come

The question pattern of almost all types of examinations remains more or less identical. As a matter of fact, you can expect at least 2-3 problems of boats and streams on entrance tests for clerical recruitment, as well as for official recruitment. However, just learning up the shortcuts might not give you the results that you want to see. It is more than important that you clear the basic concepts on these types of problems. By and large, there are four types of questions that you might need to work on. You might need to work out the time that you need to go downstream or upstream, especially when the boat is in still water. The question setters might also provide you with the speed of the boat, both upstream and downstream. You might need to calculate the speed of the stream, as well as that of the boat in still water. There can also be questions that ask you to find the regular speed of a boat. Last, but not the least, with some given data, you might need to calculate the distance of the place where the boat is travelling, either upstream or downstream.

The Key Thing

To make the long story short, there are certain shortcut methods and formulas that might go a long way to solve arithmetic pertaining to streams and boats. You can use the same formulas to work out the problems that involve cyclists and wind, as well as swimmer and stream. Just keep in mind that in these sums, the cyclist is equivalent to the concerned boat, while the wind is analogous to stream. Likewise, the swimmer would be equivalent to that of the boat. You can even use the same formulas to solve aptitude problems of cisterns and pipes.

The Most Important Formulas

Before you embark on learning the formulas, there are two things that you should always keep in mind. Remember that the boat goes downstream, in case it travels in that direction of stream. Also, a boat that goes opposite the direction of the river is said to be going upstream. There are a number of formulas that are helpful to solve problems on boats and streams. As for example, suppose that b km/hr denotes the speed of a boat in still water, and the speed of stream is s km/hr. You can then calculate the speed of the concerned boat while downstream as (b+s) km/hr. Similarly, the speed of the boat in upstream can be calculated by deducting ‘S’ from the ‘B’. You can learn many more smart tips by getting enrolled to a reputable career guidance academy.