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Where to Go in Yogyakarta for Group Travel

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Traveling in a group to Yogyakarta is surely something nice to do. However, if you are traveling to this city with some of your friends, then you will need to know where to go in Yogyakarta. That is because with the proper plan, you can make sure that your travel to this city will be more fun. If you still have not planned the paces that you want to visit, then some of these spots might be worth to visit if you are in Yogyakarta with some of your friends.

  • The first one is Curug Luweng Sampang. This place offers you the amazing looking waterfall that looks like the Antelope Canyon in USA. The main difference is the color of the stones. For your information, this waterfall is considerably quite so that you can enjoy swimming with all of your friends if you visit this nice looking waterfall.
  • The next stop that you can visit is the underwater lake in Goa Pindul. This place is considered as one new tourism spot that you need to visit. That is because the underground cave of this cave is totally attractive. Since you are going with your friend, the tubing activity inside the cave will be something worth to try.
  • The next one is forest exploring in Jomblang This place might be something thrilling to explore. That is because this cave is totally big, even for the mouth of the cave. For your information, this cave is geologically made hundred years ago that made a kind of sink that turned into this cave. Jomblang cave is becoming one thrilling spots to go in Yogyakarta if you are traveling here with your friends.
  • The next one is getting the nice underwater photos in Unggul Ponggok. This place has the crystal clear lake where you can take an underwater photo with anyone that you want. As an addition to that, the theme that you can pick is also varied. This way, you will not be bored because of the monotonous theme since you can take a photo inside a tent, on a bike, or even with some other themes that you want.
  • The last one is Sri Gethuk Waterfall. This waterfall is considered as one nice place to visit because of the beauty of its surrounding. The totals of three waterfalls that join together are one river flow is becoming one attraction of this place. If you are interested, you can also try to ride on the boat with the affordable ticket price to explore the area of the river.

Those are some nice spots that you can visit if you are going to Yogyakarta with your friends. Basically, there are still a lot of more places to go in Yogyakarta that you can try if you are visiting Yogyakarta with your friends. If you are interested to do so, then you might need to spend some more days to see the more beauties of this city with some of your friends.