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Window Replacement: Know When a Repair is Not Going to Work

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It is true that repairing your window is a lot less expensive than window replacement, but sometimes, you just cannot overlook the importance of replacing your windows for better security and more functionality. Whether you should replace your window or have it repaired can confuse you a lot, and that is when you can consider the following point to make a decision.

You have jammed sashes. You can repair your windows in this situation. Sometimes, simply rubbing the bottom of a candle against the bottom of your window may make it more functional. in case of rot and decay, it is better to have it replaced. Still, it is a good idea to talk to a pro because they may be able to repair broken parts.

You have drafty windows. Certain steps can help make your drafty windows more useful. For instance, weather stripping and caulking usually works great to reduce drafts. You will have to use a caulking gun, but be sure to completely remove the old caulk first. You should caulk around your window trim and never forget the area between the window moulding house. The best time to apply caulk is when the humidity is low and temperature is above 45F. Weather stripping may also prove effective, especially if you apply it when the temperature is above 20F. Do not forget to compress the stripping after shutting the sash.

You have windows painted shut. This situation has certain pros and cons. These windows work great in the winter because it offers a weather-tight seal, but they will keep cool night breezes from entering your house in the summer. To fix this issue, you will have to make use of a sash saw. Simply cut through the paint.

What it means is that the overall condition of your windows will help determine whether a simple repair will do or it is better to replace your windows. If you are concerned about money, it is usually a better idea to repair your windows instead of going for window replacement. However, you can also save some money by putting your money on single hung windows. These windows have a lower sash that slides in an upward direction, so you can easily unlatch the window in case you feel your room getting too hot. The thing is that you can only move the lower sash in single hung windows – you can move both sashes in double hung windows. While the single hung windows usually cost less, you may want to go for the double hung windows in case you have small children at home because these windows allow you to open the upper sash only.

The fact of the matter is that you should check your windows periodically and have them repaired when you notice any sign of damage. However, if your windows seem damaged, it is better to have them replaced because they may not be offering maximum insulation and security. To save money, you can certainly think about installing different types of windows. Just consider your circumstances, take your time, and then decide!